University of Tehran Machine Learning and Computational Modeling (MLCM) Lab
Lab Supervisor: Babak N. Araabi
University of Tehran
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Members of Machine Learning and Computational Modeling (MLCM) & Cognitive Robotics Lab - Teachers' Day

Recent Events:
Arash Mehrjou Thesis for Master's Degree:
Natural Image Representation by Redundancy Reduction Inspired by Neuroscience (Sunday 16-Aug 10:00 AM)

Cognitive Science Study Group:
Saturdays 12-13
For pervious topics see Events

Our research interests lie within the general area of Machine Learning. Under the supervision of Dr. Babak N. Araabi, we are particularly interested in Cognitive Learning Systems, Pattern Recognition, Computational Neuroscience, and Prediction and Modeling in Complex Environments. In our research team we usually would rather data-driven methods, and we have to deal with various forms of uncertainty. Our data may come from various sensory systems; however, we are more interested in visual sensors –both natural and artificial. We have increasingly been interested in biologically inspired methods. Some of more specific research areas are Computational Cognitive Modeling, Attention Control Learning, Sensory coding in Neural Systems, Evolving Systems, Nonlinear Non-stationary Time-series Prediction, Biometric Recognition, Bioinformatics, Fault Diagnosis, and Dempster-Shafer Theory of Evidence.

Current Researches:

  • End-Stopped Cells Can Link Border Ownership and Perceptual Completion
  • A Bio-Physically Plausible Model for Matching Behavior in Dynamic Environment
  • Ignorance Modeling in Group Decision Making with Dempster-Shafer Theory of Evidence
  • Offline Signature Verification
  • ... will be updated
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