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University of Tehran IRIS Image Repository

University of Tehran IRIS (UTIRIS) image repository is the first iris biometric databank registered in two distinct sessions of Visible Wavelength (VW) and Near InfraRed (NIR) imaging during 24-27th of June 2007. The database is constructed with 1540 images from 79 individuals from both right and left eyes demonstrated in 158 classes in total. The individuals are numbered the same in NIR and VW sessions. The Database is a copyright of Control and Intelligent Processing Centre of Excellence (CIPCE) at School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) in the University of Tehran.


University of Tehran Persian Offline Signature Dataset

UTSig has 115 classes containing: 27 genuine signatures; 3 opposite-hand signed samples and 42 simple forgeries. Each class belongs to one specific authentic person. UTSig has 8280 images collected from undergraduate and graduate students of University of Tehran and Sharif University of Technology. Signatures were scanned with 600 dpi resolution and stored as 8-bit Tiff files.
Full description in the UTSig Paper in IET Biometrics Journal

From here you can see some samples (5 complete classes). Moreover you can see UTSig preview version (one small size sample per class).

New! Cropped, One-Folder, and PNG Version (Suggested!) [UTSig_Crop]
In this new version, signatures were cropped and all samples were located in one folder with format of CxxxGxx or CxxxFxx (C=Class, G=Genuine, F=Forgery)
Download the Small Version of Persian offline signature dataset: University of Tehran Signature Dataset [UTSig 60 MB]     
Full-Size Version of University of Tehran Signature Dataset [Full-size UTSig 249 MB]

Please note that, any work made public must be referred to the UTSig Paper in IET Biometrics journal.
For any question or reporting problems in dataset or downloading process please contact A.Soleimani.B {at} or visit


Control and Intelligent Processing Center of Excellence, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran