University of Tehran Machine Learning and Computational Modeling (MLCM) Lab
Lab Supervisor: Babak N. Araabi
University of Tehran
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Neuroscience Study Group:

Neural Basis of Brain Responses to Visual Advertisements; a Survey on NeuroMarketing researches based on EEG, MEG & FMRI Signals: 11-May by Saeed Masoodnia
Human Visual System & its Simulated Bio-Inspired Computational Models: 4-May by Saeed Masoodnia
Feedback processing in Inferior-Temporal cortex of Human Visual Pathway in Object Recognition Task: 27-Apr by Saeed Masoodnia
Brain and Mind: 20-Apr by Sajad Yazdani
Memory: 18-Apr by Mojtaba Azimifar
Pain: 11-Apr by Mojtaba Rostami
An Introduction to Sense of Touch: 16-Feb by AmirHossein Tehranisafa
Inner Ear and Central Auditory Nervous System: 9-Feb by Amir Soleimani Bajestani
Visual Processing Circuitry of Human Brain: 12-Jan by Arash Mehrjou
Direct Chemical Synaptic Transmission: 5-Jan by Elahe Lotfi

Electrical Synaptic Transmission: 29-Dec by Elahe Lotfi
Electrical Properties of Neurons and Glia: 24-nov by S.Sara Aghavami

The Brain and Behavior II: 17-nov by Habib Zafarian
The Brain and Behavior I: 10-nov by Habib Zafarian



Progress Report:

Stock Trend Prediction (Introduction): 29-Nov by Mojtaba Azimifar
Signature Verification: 22-Nov by Amir Soleimani Bajestani
Statistical Models of Natural Images: 22-Nov by Arash Mehrjou
Historical Reviews of Visual Redundancy: 15-Nov by Arash Mehrjou





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