University of Tehran Machine Learning and Computational Modeling (MLCM) Lab
Lab Supervisor: Babak N. Araabi
University of Tehran
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Babak Nadjar Araabi
Araabi [at]

PHD Students:

S. Sara Aghvami
ssa.aghvami [at]

Saeed Masoodnia
s.masoudnia [at]
CV, (Persian CV)

Mojtaba Rostami Kandroodi
Mojtaba.Rostami [at]
Google Schoolar

Tayebe Mostajabi
tmostajabi [at]

Sadjad Yazdani
sajjad.yazdani [at]
Personal Page

M.Sc Students:

Arash Mehrjou
a.mehrjou [at]

Habib Zafarian
habib.zafarian [at]
Project: End-Stopped Cells Can Link Border Ownership and Perceptual Completion

Mojtaba Azimifar
m.azimifar [at]

Hossein Rafipoor
h.rafipoor [at]
Project: A bio-physically plausible model for matching behavior in dynamic environment

Amir Soleimani Bajestani
A.Soleimani.B [at]
Personal Page
Project: Signature Verification

Amir Hossein Tehrani-safa
ahtehranisafa [at]
ahtehranisafa [at]
: Ignorance modeling in group decision making with Dempster-Shafer Theory of evidence

Former Members:

Kazim Fouladi
Kazim [at]
Personal Page

Ali Ghaffaari

ali.ghaffaari [at]
Personal Page

Elahe Lotfi

other former members will be completed...


Control and Intelligent Processing Center of Excellence, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran